Thursday, 21 February 2019

Room 22 Part Nine

By JaJa

''Remember to carry paraffin ''Machete as he hunged on the phone.We had stayed at home for almost two weeks.Machete is a first born I was never wrong.We did not  want Mstaarab suffer.

We travelled back to the institution.The unrest at the instituition was noisy,messy with casualities as Moses Wetangula would put it.This time we were well prepared.Life was sweet this time.Aloisa became a close friend not forgetting Eunice.She finally graduated with Monda.I never attended their graduation ceremony.

Back in our class Elphas became another friend.His room  Nyando 2 was my second home in this jungle.He always complained staying inside the institution.''Life is damn expensive inside here''compained Elphas.

''Will you survive out there?'' I asked.

''I dont have otherwise.''He suggested we should stay togeher as from next semester.

December 20th,Mfangano street Nairobi 8PM.Mepo and her mum arrived.I had waited for them for the two hours.Lucy was not home with me.She had visited her mum's relatives.I was very lonely during this period since I had quitted the pannel beating job.Mepo was so happy to see me.She was so jovial that kept her mum wondering.Can we say blood is thicker than water.Tete is Mepo's mum.I call her the Melanin Queen.

''Have you ever communicared to Kelvin''Tete asked as we walked to OTC.''Yeah,he called me an hour ago but I never picked.This was her second visit to see my parents.Mepo was five months old then.Everyone back at home was waiting for them.They had never set their eyes on Mepo ever since she came to this world.They would only admire the pictures of her sent through Whatsapp.

Look for Part 11......

#TeamKupangaKazi & #BidiiNaKujiamini.

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