Sunday, 23 December 2018

Room 22 Part Eight

By JaJa
Watching Mepo and her mum leave the stage I almost cried.I did not know when I was going to see them next.I missed them even before we embarked on this journey.Kelvin had agreed to do me that favor but at a little fee.Nothing is free now days aki hii deni ya China. 

The struggle had to continue as the late Samora Matchel would say Aluta Continua.Lucy's birthday was almost here.This was the first birthday she will be celebrating under my care.Days after Neema's birthday everything went on smoothly.

Gregg and his team handed over the leadership of the union to the interim team as stipulated in the constitution.Their reign was over.Most of the things Gregg and promised his followers he had fulfilled.Campaign was officially on.Gregg took break from active politics.He never stopped to find out how I was doing.

During Neema's birthday party I had made so many friends.I was in charge of serving meat and rice.She never expected the huge turnout since we had no voice those days.It was during this party that I met Aloisa.She was already a friend to Machete.The duo cooked good chapati.Am currently missing chapatis prepared by the two.Eunice acted as the personal assistant to Neema during the party.Mavado and Njeri were in charge of the beverages.

Monda could not miss this.As I wrote this piece he called to request for a favor.I had to travel to go and meet him in August.We had stayed for a year without seeing each other.He currently works as a prime news anchor in a local TV station in his home county.

 Lucy's birthday went on as I had expected.It costed me four dollars.She kept reminding me.Kids of now days.The microwave generation.Mepo is exactly four months old.Am planning on how they should visit me.Mepo has to meet her elder sister.Lucy only hears about her.

Campaigns became the order of the day.The chairperson postion was the most controversial post.It had attracted two powerful male candidates.A lady joined the race during the last minute.It was all known that between the two male candidates one of the will win.

Election day came and the lady Rose Gakuo out shined her opponents with a large margin to match the Swahili say kutangulia kwa bar si mwanzo wakulewa.It took everyone by surprise.It was joy and happiness to the Girl Child.She went to the books of history as the first lady to lead an institution of higher learning.She recently joined K24 TV.Tune in Monday-Thursday 9pm and on Sunday same time to watch her.

The celebration turned sour as one comrade lost his life due to reckless driving on the highway next to the institution.The unrest among the comrades made the institution to be closed down.This gave me a chance to go back and name first born daughter Lucy.I named her after my late grand mother.

Look for Part Nine...

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