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Room 22 Part Seven

By JaJa.

After a month in Room 103.I was now fully used to this environment.The paraffin we had was almost over.Alwan this time was operating alone.Steve and Josephat had moved to a friend and only came to sleep.

We had nicknamed Alwan as Mstaarab.We were good at nicknaming.
Survival for the fittest became the order of the day.Machete and Mavado were in charge of preparing food.My new task was to find the source of heat.Alwan became the victim.His stove never went dry.I hear a litre of paraffin costs Ksh 107 .

Mavado had made friends with the three ladies in Room 101.They visited him sometimes or hosted him.

One evening after I had visited Monda I found our Room full.I met Monda during my first class.This class never happened.We waited for the tutor for an hour but he never showed up.The students cursed the tutor for making them wake up very early,majority took a cold shower na baridi iko huku si mchezo!!

''Whats your name,are you a member of this class?'' he asked.Am Monda he introduced himself.He was among the first people I interacted with.He is forced to put on spectacles since he has eye problem.

All the three ladies,Mavado and Machete were in.They were planning on a birthday party that was to happen that weekend.One of the ladies was turning 20.They had come to request we allow them use our room for the party.

''Its good you are here'' Mavado welcomed me.You are the person we were waiting for.We are having a party on Saturday.

''Am Neema,she is Njeri and the other one is Wangare'' the birthday girl introduced her crew.She requested my cooperation that day.I could not let them down now that we were  a family.Besides that food was to be prepared and who doesn't love eating.Mavado was eyeing one of the ladies.After exchanging light jokes the ladies left. 

''Mstaarab has been complaining about his paraffin'' Machete said jokingly as he turned to prepare dinner.

As I wrote this chapter Lucy,my daughter came in knocking my room. ''Dad dont forget to go for the report forms.'' She has just completed the former baby class.Next year God willing she is in PP1.The new curriculum.

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