Sunday, 7 October 2018

ROOM 22 Part Three

By JaJa
Arriving the blue gate  with Gregg's decription this must be Lady Virginia Hostel I met a young man.He must be the caretaker.He is  dark and masculine a panga in his hands and gumboots.He directed to the main office.

''Habari yako'' the brown lady welcomed me.She continued to talk on the phone.She was directing someone the exact location of the hostels.''Can I get a room?''

''Yeah,there is that for six people which cost six thousand eight hundred per head while for two costs 10K'' she replied after hanging on the phone.The caretaker came in.I was only remaining with a thousand shilling.

We negotiated and the two agreed to give me a room on condition I complete the balance within the next few days.The caretaker asked me to follow him to my room after the lady handed over the receipt.

''Am Godfrey but most people call me Goddy''the caretaker broke the silence. I got a chance to ask him help me charge my 'gadget'.Room 103 was our destination. Inside the room there were two double Decker bed.

He went for my mattress. Only one bed was free, the one next to the window.(Bed ya juu)

''Hapa mtakaa watu sita''he said as he placed the mattress on my bed.He took my phone and left.Goddy came back with another double Decker bed.This time I was relaxing on my bed.'Hukubeba hata blanketi?'' he asked.(Ningejulia wapi watu hubeba blanketi wakienda campo poor ghetto kid)

This a busy day for him he left again.My roommates came back accompanied with Goddy.He brought back my phone.Interacted with my new family. I called my first lady.

''Hello mum nilipata nyumba but....''

''Thanks God am sending you the remaining cash in a few then you come back home tomorrow' 'she insisted..(Mum you have never told where the money came from)

Japheth one of my roommates agreed to help me with a blanket.

Goddy came back with other two boys. We were now six in number.Mavado was one of them.He received a call.

''I lost one my suitcase that had my money and clothes am remaining with very little cash'' he complained.  He talked pure English with little dholuo.(Mnaelewa wajaluo na kizungu).This call made me feel home.After hearing my story Mavado helped with one of his large mtumba jacket.

Goddy came and took me to his house where I took supper. He is young main in late 30's he is married and blessed with two beautiful daughters. He recently welcomed a baby girl again late last year.

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