Sunday, 28 October 2018

Room 22 Part Six

By JaJa

                          Present Day

Mid morning.Holding her in my arms.Her mum is busy drafting a letter.She innocently smiled at me.

''Goddy worked for his boss  for almost thirteen years''Kelvin the current caretaker started as we basked like lizards in the morning sunshine.Kelvin has worked for almost eight years.Lucy is her sister.Her birthday is a round the corner.She requested for a birthday party this time.The ''mawowo'' generation kids.

''So how is life out there''  Kelvin asked.I hesitated to answer.Someone joined us.This question took me into deep thoughts.....

''Come and help her carry the kid'' Aloisa shouted.Aloisa is my sister from another mother,the little sister that God gave me.The little sister I never had.The kid is three months old.

Mepo my second born daughter smiled at  me as I took her from the mother.I will talk about her mother later.I wished the little kid could know what her parents were going through..Aloisa had always accommodated us during the darkest time.She has been my friend for half a decade.She was never afraid of telling the truth.

I vividly remembered how the other day we were sent packing by the land lady when it was raining.I was preparing supper when the land lady came in.Thank God Mepo slept during the whole scenario,she was only few days old then.My phone had been stolen two days ago before tufurushwe.(Hii ilikuwa nikama video).The land lady came in took the bedding plus the table.Nillitamani dunia ifunguke na kunimeza mzima mzima.

My conversation with Kelvin was not over.I wanted another favor from him.I wished Goddy was still around.

After coping the draft letter she came and took Mepo.Mepo is her first kid.Sometimes I would envy her,she has the best mum in the world.This reminded me of my mum,my first lady. She has been complaining that am really changing.Mum its not my wish to change but the world demand so.Change is inevitable.Mepo is named after my mum.

Aloisa is preparing to leave for exams.She cant wait to complete school.

''Ulikuwa unasema nikusaidie aje'' Kelvin asked as I went to look for him in his house.He is married with two kids,a girl and a boy.Aloisa had left.

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