Saturday, 20 October 2018

ROOM 22 Part Four

By JaJa

Early the following morning Goddy handed in the receipt. Without wasting time I left. This time more strong than ever.''There is my friend from high school he will join us''Mavado's words the previous night.

"Where is he?"I asked.He is in Room 303.

Alwan one of my roommates joined me on the muddy path. He is of Swahili origin. 'Where are you from' 'he asked. Am from Kariobangi I lied. His  phone rung.

''Hello I bought gumboots with the money you sent am left with nothing''Alwan complained. This guy is prepared for this journey. My clothes rapped in a paper we journeyed on. Everywhere is green. Wheat is grown on large scale in this place.

Alwan was still complaining on the phone. I really wanted to see  Machete before I left. ''So when are you going to come back''Alwan asked.My 'gadget' rung.

''Baba ushatoka?''my mum asked.Mmh.... I even cleared rent.Alwan walked faster and left me behind. I always find myself smilling talking to my second God.Machete had promised to buy utensils and little food to keep the them going before I come back.

Arrived at Cherika crossed the road and stood at the current St Teressa of Avilla. Few minutes later an old Nissan fourteen seater Nissan arrived. Boarded to the nearest town eleven kilometre away.

Texted Gregg on my progress.

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Photo By Koch Finest

#TeamKupangaKazi & #BidiiNaKujiamini

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