Sunday, 21 October 2018

Room 22 Part Five

By JaJa.

After staying at home for a fortnight it was time to go back.Mavado kept on updating  and pressuring me. I left home with everything that would be of great assistance to me and the new family.

I arrived at Nyahururu few minutes to 1pm.The same Nissan that I boarded two weeks ago was te same taking me back.It costs a half a dollar to any destination in this route from town. The Nissan was unique since it was very spacious. It could accommodate four passengers seated comfortably though this against the Michuki's rule.The rules are now back under the watch of Fred Oken'go Matiang'i the no nonsense Cabinet Secretary.The ''Super Minister.''

Mavado  promised to pick me at the stage. This time was putting on a leather jacket. My younger sister bought for me.(Ile baridi iko huku si mama ya mtu).We left. The driver is a big fan of Radio Maisha.Mwende and Clement are on air.Inside the Nissan you ensure you find your own stability.The vehicles here are good at negotiating with potholes.

''This is not fair some vehicles are being given  first priority''complained the driver to the tout.

''We should raise this issue in our todays evening meeting'' replied the tout.

''Drop me at Losogwa'' female voice seated next to me.

Finally she was dropping the lady had interfered with my comfort ability.She was very beautiful.Someone cursed me with loving dark ladies hope I will get a chance to meet her one day.

Arrived at Cherika,Mavado was already there.He was not alone.He was with another young man almost my height.The young man was carrying a bag on his back like a soldier waiting for orders.(Usisahau amri ni kubwa kuliko anayeitoa)

''I can see you are back brother''Mavado started as he greeted me with the usual comrade greetings.''He is Machete the friend I had told you about before you left"continued Mavado.
Hardly had the conversation go on it started drizzling. We carried our luggage and moved up the hilly path.

We moved at a terrifying speed after ten minutes we were in our room.The other roommates were not in.Machete prepared some tea.He also kept the food stuff I had carried.Mavado was out talking to his parents.

''Am from Homabay and Mavado is my friend from high school''Machete started as he handed in a cup tea.He is very caring he must be a first born.

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