Sunday, 7 October 2018

NIGHT NURSE part two

By JaJa.
RedSea Food Court.

“Kulienda aje hadi DiDi akapiga ndoo teke” I asked as we took our seats.

Hardly had Alex answered my question than the waitress arrived.

The hotel is arranged that when you seat anywhere you could easily see those
coming inn and leaving.
“Hello you are welcome”  the dark skin weitress welcomed us dressed
in a tight black skirt with a well fitted red top.The white bow tie was white as snow.

This is our favorite place.“Tuletee kawaida”  Alex replied (pilau,kuku na soda)

Gabriel joined us.He came straight to where we were.

Alex was on phone promising another gal the impossibles.

The waiter brings our order as she takes Gabriel's order. I switched on my phone.

Director had tried reaching me. (Military is his dream job)

Texted him
”Hello Mr Director I will not visit the office today am busy elewa please.”

Alex and Gabriel were busy talking about the waitress Caro is her name.

She mostly serves us.
She showed up with Gabriel's package.(kawaida)

We started eating witout uttering any word to one onother.

After we were done Alex broke the silence when the sinias were almost empty.

When we are done please escort me to Umoja.

As we left the hotel Alex handed over the car keys.

“Please drop me at the stage” said Gabriel as we settled in the car.
He is the official driver of KAK 024J. When he is arround I hide my chickness.

The stage is one kilometre from Redsea Food Court.

I ignited the vihicle removed the handbrake off to the 12th Street.

We dropped him.He was on a lunch break.

On our way to Umoja.”sky the government is hard on dirty jobs”
started Alex with his low girlish voice.

There have been so many campaings to warn our youths aganist crime.
DiDi was a very young boy with big dreams.

“Maboy tujitume hakuna vya buerere” Directors words.

So DiDi was a thi…..

Arriving at umoja Alex goes straight to the bathroom.I made myself comfortable
In a small sitting room thats only accomadates a three seater sofa.
He stays alone,though he has been away for couple of days.

We drove back to Eastlieng to pick the other workmates.
I sometime work as a part time driver.

Dont forget am also a student.

DiDi worked with us sometimes back before he lost contact with the whole crew.

On the way Alex tells me how Ugandan ladies are very beautiful.
He promised to take me back to the land where Bobi Wine the musician is having
rough time with Museveni's government.

Bobi Wine flew to the USA for medical check up after
he was massaged by the millitary.

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#TeamKupangaKazi.  #BidiiNaKujiamini.

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