Saturday, 20 October 2018

NIGHT NURSE part three

By JaJa...

Mbona si ubondea madonda(touts) Ivyo?!                           
OK...Let me take you back to our elders.

Uncle SKY and DAVE used to told me that in this world you should be very sharp in switching Life lanes If you want to succeed.

”Your Mind Is A Weapon..Kept It Loaded” David’s words

How is life outside Chocolate City. I feel there is a better life out there.

When you have a million dollar vision don't surround yourself with 1 cent minds.

“There is a deal I want you help me cracking” Alex whispered to me

Their is a job but its about traveling from Nairobi to Uganda.Will be transporting vegetables twice a week the whole game add up to 38,000 that's ours,about our expenses is catered. Reason why I want we crack this deal is that I like your skills and I know you love traveling..

''The person you have called  is not available we will notify you when the mobile subscriber is back If you wish to leave a voice message then please do so after the tone'' Directors cell phone was off..

At 6 pm Alex left to town for some other business.
Mama raised no fool.Peter flipped the smoke
“Yoh bro today has been like being in money,no work yet the price of golden thing its up (OIL) where are we going, mind full with everything but we hope tomorrow InshaAllah things would be good.” Peter scratching his head.(brother from another mother)

Next day…..

Told you today would be fine no complains have the cash in my pocket with a big smile on her face...yeah have 1500shillings in my old black lathered wallet Peter and I leaving the Red sea Food Court.

Your Mam was here looking for you she claims that she has a week without a word from you without forgetting this “she loves you”Gabriel passed the information (favorite driver)

My mom's birthday is around the corner.She is the first lady I know.Am half her age.

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