Sunday, 21 October 2018

NIGHT NURSE part four

By JaJa.

Sunday afternoon.Its very hot in Nairobi.

Putting on well designed soft maroon jacket and a plain blue denim jeans.
Bought them at Galma Boutique in Eastleigh.

On my left wrist a Honcho watch and a silver bracelet.On my feet a white and black
Balenciaga sports shoes.

I left for the cyber café.

Today you look super cute let me say that am in love with you.
A long time crush her face was with lots of love and smile Sharon is her name. "What caught you
today you are here, hope you are not sick” asked with a long face.… am
doing fine today Its Sunday no work till Monday.

At Chocolate City there is a nice and cool cyber café its famously known as
Gkush Kenya. Its services are of high quality and every one talks about it.

Needed to know my KRA status.

The owner of this enterprise is a very close friend to the Director. They have been
friends for a decade and half. They went in the same primary school.

Gkush is a darling to many.

Can see your status its normal Gkush assured me what I need from you its one hundred and fifty
shillings only. Sharon interjected Gkush,“Would you mind leaving me with my cutie''.

“Yeah no problem Sky you can hold up for me as I rush home take a cold shower and hope
you know to use the machines. Serving the customers nicely is my priority“Gkush said as he left.
Have never worked in a cyber café in my life there is noise everywhere the innocents souls were
busy playing the computer games on your right side there is a big photocopier machine was still
printing some papers.

“Hello... what's the silence for “ Sharon asked holding my head.

Am doing fine still loading on using these machines in here but with
some minutes all be able to operate them. are so funny what's hard in here, that's difficult will try to solve it you and I
that's why I insisted we be left alone and has something to tell you."I lost your contacts.If
you don't mind will you help me” ,looking at me with her cute big round innocent eyes.

Its almost one hour Gkush is not yet back. Okay what you all need its my contacts.
no problem.

Girl child smiling…..

Ooh thank you very much as she left the cyber café.

Its almost six pm.

OK you are welcomed take care and all be waiting for your call.
Finally Gkush arrived. "Thanks for the favor”Gkush said as he handed over my document in a well
sealed envelope.

I left the café for home.

“Hello Mr Manager its been long.Where are you from”Director asked.Am from the cyber cafe you
know now everything has gone digital was just checking up my KRA status,at work the Sacco owners
needed the details by Monday morning.Director and I getting in at our small office Koch Finest.

After some few minutes…

What's the noise all about lets go and check "Its  my mom's birthday”took a bucket full of water
had to celebrate with her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MOTHER may the Almighty God protect
you so you may live long. want to make my mama proud,mama raised no fool.

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Photo:Koch Finest.

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