Sunday, 28 October 2018

NIGHT NURSE part five

By Jaja

Alarm ring
Its 4am, brain still fresh,time to work.From my bed  the bathroom is my next stop
within few minutes I was ready before my workmate calls.
“Hello umefika wapi mimi nshatoka.”
Peter sent a text message.
Had to hurry up so that I may not let him down.

Dialed my cell phone and called the 
motorcycle guy 

Obachi is his name.
“What the heck is this.. why do you call this very early morning?”
answering in harsh tone.

Obachi is a moody guy
“Yoh bro... I know you dint expect my phone call at this time just want you to take to the stage 

today am on a tight schedule and don't want to let Peter down he is already off to
Haas Petrol station set the vehicle check the oil,add some water in the radiator.
Had to explain in details so that he would come for me.

As I stepped outside Obachi was coming from far.Prayed to God to bless the work of my 
“Lets go.” Igniting the bike.
No one had words just obeying the weather at that time.Finally we were at the stage paid
him and boarded the matatu I was lucky because I was the last person to fill the vehicle.

Phone ringing.
 “hello whats was the plan or I call another driver” Peter called.“No don't get mad give me
fifteen minutes all be there”replied in a low tone.

Lets go search this cash.

“Sky you are very lucky I was about to call Githinji” pointing at me.
(funny….. But a straight forward man)

The diesel price its still 115:09.

Knew why Peter was angry at me.We were the last at the parking lot.
Don't get mad lets have faith and do the work in our own style am sure it will pay.
“Fine I trust you”. Peter answered.As we were leaving.

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#TeamKupangaKazi.   #BidiiNaKujiamini.

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