Wednesday, 1 August 2018

ROOM 22 Part Two

By JaJa

The stage is outside the insitution once you complete climbing the hilly staircase.I rested on the metal shade.Next to this stage on the right side is Shamanei Forest.Monkeys were heard and seen chanting while jumping from one  tree to the to the other.

This time I was not alone.Ear dropping......As I follow Gregg's instruction.''They said the rooms were full so I had to find an alternative''complained a lady on phone.Next to her was her daughter pulling her suitcase on the rough terrain.(Alikua amechoka huyu girl child)

The lady turned to her daughter after hanging on the phone, ''Mum I will only leave here once you are settled''I hurriedly walked past the two. After waking for five minutes it started raining.(Poor boy child hana jacket)There are no houses or even shades on this road so we had to journey on.

Arriving at Cherika Shopping center it had stopped raining.Walked to the present day Tosheka Hostels.(Place sign board ya Lady Virginia hostels iko saii check part one)Took a long breath before I embarked on the second part of this journey.

The path up the hill was muddy unlike now days its  halfway tarmacked.The road currently proves that devolution works if the public funds are well managed.

Nilikua nimevaa open shoes zinaitwa cat wa ghetto wanaelewa.The open shoes are the best in muddy areas and rough terrain.At the top of the hilly path I took a rest again.The yellow building was not there.

''With the cash you have you can get a room at Lady Virginia'' Gregg's voice.

This place is very cold.My suitcase on my shoulder I journeyed on.I was the only one going up the muddy path.The contractor should be summoned to come and complete this road.This is the same road that leads to the Great Njonjo Girls.

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