Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Encounter Part Five

By JaJa

"Hello am Ireen's husband" a tall dark handsome man in a parliament blue suit,introduced himself at the security desk.(Naplan kubuy hii suti pia mimi)

"Who is Ireen?" the female security asked."The woman who was brought here few minutes ago" the man replied.The male security went through the list to find the said name."Go to third floor" said the male security.

The man hurriedly wrote his name on the visitors book and dashed in.The female security turned to us.

"Write your name on this book and get in" she welcomed us with her beautiful smile.

"Na mgonjwa wenu yuko bed number?" she asked.

"She is in bed 67" my friend Ezra replied.We had gone to visit Nikita.She is a second mum to Ezra.She was bedridden early that work.

"You will go to second floor"  responded the female security.The male security cleared us.We walked passed the reception area turned left as per the female security instructions.On the far end lies the staircase next to us is a lift.Ezra points the staircase and I take the lead.

On the staircase we meet the busy employees majority being female.Panting like dogs we were at second floor.Here we meet two security officers.The male security is busy serving an old lady.The female security welcomed us.Ezra writes his details on the visitors book,the instructions given to us by her.(Hii hospitali ina sheria)

After we were cleared we went straight to the wards.We walked passed the first ward 61-66Arriving at the entrance of ward 67-72 we could not go in.

Nikita was being attended to.The other employees kept on looking at us as if we had landed from space.The nurse turned to us after attending to Nikita.

"Come in" she welcomed us with her sweet voice as she took her seat stationed at the center of that ward.(Huyu Nurse alikua mrembo aki!!)We went straight to Nikita's bed.Seeing her son Nikita was almost standing up to hug him but her medical condition could not allow that.She smiled.

"You look smart in a suit" she said to Ezra.

"Thanks mum" Ezra replied.Hardly had the two exchanged many words came in three ladies.Lucy(Nikita's sister),Ann(cousin) and a friend to Lucy by the name Caren.They were carrying fruits.We were still standing.Ann and Caren made themselves comfortable on Nikita's bed as Lucy went to check the hospital bill.

Nikita introduced her son to Caren and Ann.This was the first time I was meeting Nikita and her family.Lucy came back and the four ladies started talking about their life abroad.(South Africa and USA)

At this moment we decide to share a plastic chair next to bed 72.On our mind we were imagining how we will take route eleven back home.(Kupiga mguu)

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Photo By The Nairobi Women'S Hospital.

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