Thursday, 5 July 2018

ROOM 22 Part One

By JaJa

My new friend Gregory Okumu waits me at the entrance of the hall after completing the registration process."Are you done nyathiwa?" he asked.(nyathiwa-our child)Smilling.

"Am now a bonified member" I replied.Its early September.We walked towards the flag posts next to the hall where Gregory had left my suitcase with his friend.(Nakumbuka tu sura yake)

"The only place you can find a room its at Lady Virginia" Gregory said as I opened my suitcase to put my academic certificates."How far is it from here" I asked."Its almost three kilometre" he continued.My Tecno phone tightned with a rubber bladder rings.

"Hello Baba" a female voice in her early 50's starts.She is the first lady I know. She brought  me to this world.My eyes turned to a pond."The dream has come true mum."

"Nyasaye Asante ,what about the other problem son?"she asked.(Nyasaye Asante-Thanks God)

The phone went off before I could answer.This is my second day here.I arrived here yesterday with my mentor and friend.We were unable to achieve the mission so he had to leave since his services were required in the other base.

"Wod Siaya rang'na nyathina"said my dad to Gregory as he left.(Man from Siaya take care of my child.)Gregg as he was famously known then directed me to Lady Virginia since he had to attend a Student Leader meeting later that afternoon.

For now am familiar with this place unlike yesterday.Pulling my suitcase on the pavement  I walked to the main gate.Gregg's words are still fresh in my mind.

"You have to walk past Shamanei Forest,next to the forest is Cherika shopping center take the small path up the hill"

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  1. 😂😂😂why don't I appear in this story. Nice piece lakini


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