Thursday, 5 July 2018


By JaJa

Gal you take me away...... the phone rant."Hello Sky radah gani" Alex voice.

"Poa sana niko fiti " I replied.

"Come over " he continued,

"Sawa am on my way coming alaf kuna form"
"You are my P.A there must be something good for you, Gabriel will also join us" he conviced me.

"Poa my boss"  as he hanged on the phone.I really needed a break.Gave myself 45minutes to be in town.

Its June In Nairobi. Knock on the door."Hello Mr Manager" Director said as he knocked the door.

“ What is on your shedule today?”he continued as he came in.He is not feeling well.
He is always a straight forwad man.He could fit well in the millitary.

“ Nothing apart from taking shower then join you in the office” I lied.

"BOYCHILD maji ni daily" our common quote.He left.

Prepared myself within fifteen minutes.

We are on Thika Super Highway.This is the reason that I always smile when I hear
the name Mwai Kibaki.Within twenty minutes we were in town.

Called Alex and he assured me he will be at OTC shortly. A brand new second hand
grey Rav4 came driving to where I was standing.

The driver hooted.When I Iooked closely on the windscreen it was Alex.

He opened the back left door for me to get in.Hardly had I made myself comfortable
my talkative friend started.

"Sky whats keeping you busy" he asked.

I went back to books.

"Na AG iko?" I asked.

"Its in Buruburu twende EastLeigh tukakule”he continued.

I switched off my phone as Alex responded to a call.It was the voice of a lady
on the other side being promised heaven on earth.

“Are you aware that our friend DD past on?” Alex asked.

I got the information.

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Photo Thika Super Highway on Internet.

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