Thursday, 10 May 2018

Encounter Part Three

By JaJa

"Mmewahi tumia cheque kulipa fees?"she asked.This was a very tough question.Even before we answered her she repeated.

"Have you ever used a cheque to pay fees?" looking at us as hogwash.

"Why are you so arrogant and first" my friend asked.

"You are here for you to help us" I emphasized.

In my mind I was about to burst and call for the Human Resource Manager to come and intervene.She lowered her voice.You cant pin down Boy Child in everything.

"Its advisable to drop a cheque like this one at the finance department in a learning institution to be on the safer side."she explained.I never knew she could cool down.Hahahaha!!! For the first time I saw Boy Child winning.

The lady at counter eleven reminded me of my childhood friend.His name was KoKo.He came from a humble background.KoKo was good in books.(Chopi Wa Daro)

In leadership KoKo was the 'legal adviser' to the school captain and he knew he would take over once the captain's reign was over.KoKo was so arrogant to those he thought were inferior to him and never added something to his selfish ambitions.

The students election constitution stated that a school captain should serve only two consecutive terms and beside that the captain was preparing for a national exams later that year.No one had shown interest of oppossing KoKo.

Look for Part Four......

Photo By Koch Finest.

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