Thursday, 17 May 2018

Encounter Part Four

By JaJa

Friday 11:02am at the main entrance of one of the best hospitals in Nairobi,Kenya.

"Tusaidieni na kitii!!!Huyu maji yake ishamwagika" shouted a woman on the left side of an expectant woman in labor pains.
Ladies and women will understand this.Ireen is the expectant woman.The woman on the right side of Ireen shouted too "Tupeeni kitii."

Ireen is a woman in her early 20's and from her look this must  be her first kid.She cant even walk on her own,tears coming from her eyes you may think Solai Dam has bursted.The victims of this tragedy have been fully compensated.A male security at the reception runs and brings a plastic chair.(Viti hutumika kwa sherehe za kawaida)"Si hio ile ingine" shouted one of the lady holding Ireen.

A mobile bed was brought (Ile yenye hutumika saa ya emergiency)with two smartly dressed in pink uniform,light skin nurses putting on a business face.They were beautiful even with their business face.Ireen was placed on the bed within seconds and rushed to the lift to be taken to the labor ward in third floor.

"Habari yenu" the male security greeted us.

"Mzuri sana" my friend replied.The following were written on the notice board placed strategically on the wall.

       VISITING HOURS 12:30 to 2:00 pm - WEEKDAYS.

"Naona nikama tumefika mapema" my friend countinued.

"You have arrived early before the official visiting hours" interjected a female security.She was dark in colour.She is a melanin princess millennial will put it that way.

"Itabidi mmerudi saa sita unusu" said the male security.

"We have no problem with that acha tutarudi" replied my friend.We left the hospital smiling as if we knew where we were going.

Maboy wa ghetto kwa streets za Mabombay."Na huku kumenyamaza" started my friend.

"Yeah its so quiet unlike in our precious home Chocolate City".Motorcycle(Nduthii) are rare on this side.Every apartment was well fenced in that you cant see whats going on inside.Security personnel at the gate.

After walking for about 15 minutes were are at the junction on our right hand side the road leads you back to the Central Business District.On the left hand side the road leads to Kawangware 46.

"Lets go  and sit there" my friend said pointing a metallic shade few meters from the junction.

"Magari watu wanaendesha uku niza bei" I said as we sat down.

"You expect to see cheap old model machines huku?" asked my friend.My friend really loves cars cant wait to see him driving his own machine.Subaru is his favorite.12:20 pm.We started our journey back to the hospital after a lengthy discussion on various topics from technology to politics.

Look for Part Five...

Special dedication to our mums Lucy,Nikita,Mepo and all the responsible mums in the world.We love you.

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