Wednesday, 4 April 2018

The Hidden Treasures In Korogocho

Korogocho is the fourth largest slum in Kenya located 1.5km North East of Nairobi.Most of the slums like anywhere in the world Korogocho is associated with all the nasty things.

Korogocho has so many hidden treasures that fail to get the attention of the main stream media

One of the hidden treasures is Ayiera Initiative located in Ngomongo.

The director who happens to be the founder Mr Amilton Ayiera Nyanga opens to us the journey of hid childhood dreams now Ayiera Initiative.

"I was born in Korogocho slums and I represented Kenya in the Homeless World Cup in South Africa" started Mr Ayiera.

It was after the event that I was given 1000 Euros and started the initiative in 2007. I was joined by other members who were in supporting my dream.(Ayiera Initiative)

Ayiera Initiative is an organization that uses sports to address problems we encounter in Korogocho drugs,early marriages, lack of education among others.

"Sports(Slum Footie) is the major tool we use to attract children and the youths.When they are with us we take them through various activities including computer skills,entrepreneurship,health and life skills.We are also in the process of starting special education program" said the director.

We experience a lot of challenges the major one inadequate funds.

Mr Ayiera thanked the government for improving the infrastructure in Korogocho specifically the road from St John Catholic Church to  Lucky Summer bridge and the sewer line along the road.He hopes that the street lights are on the way coming.

"I want to be remembered by the lives I changed and not the wealth that I had" completed the director Ayiera.

By Jack Fundi.

Ayiera Initiative

Director Ayiera

Some of the officials

Photos by Koch Finest

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