Saturday, 28 April 2018

Fare Thee Well General

       People viewing his body

The road is never long as it seems, we create the blinding fold to our visions.
Exactly 12 months ago you made me taste the fruits of defeat in my life endeavors at the Multimedia University of Kenya. 31 days ago you and I met along Kirunga avenue and you invited me over to discuss our political ambitions, our promises to the course of results and the realism of poverty to the generation of the present over Nyama Choma in Kiserian.
Last Tuesday but one I waved at you from a distance as I rushed from a meeting with a co director at TYI Ltd.

7 days ago I receive a call from a class mate, your political critique inquiring of your whereabouts, after the greasy accident at the Karen Ngong road interchange. A friend picks me up to the City morgue at 12 am in the night. And there you lay. Lifeless as stated by one of our MUKSA officials and your colleague. Bw. Yussuf couldn't you wait for me to lead you just even for a moment and experience the real wrath of FAGIO LA CHUMA.

Yeah I always told you that you were younger than me, see how treachery the world is, you will be older than me in the hereafter life. I agree with Maxwell as he states that NOTHING HAPPENS THROUGH YOU UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU. I have lost to you once again after a year, Damn you keep on defeating me.

Yusuf I am so mad at you that I declare a war against you in the hereafter. I have a lost challenge in the World, today as you find peace after your Bomet burial ceremony, how I wish I were present, but cowardly I chicken. I cannot stand the pain of burying a young General, a hope to many as described by a female shareholder. Forgive me for skipping your burial, for going against your fierce inspiration.

I would write books of you, but then, the road is not that long as stated before, we set the limit by ourselves. I will forge on to try replicate even just one trait of you to the World. You told me the name Yusuf is yours, that I should stick to being Hussein Ndeda Sameer. You even called me to witness you swear an affidavit to prove that you will there-hence be YUSUF of the generation.
I forever remain indebted to you my younger brother. Fellow revolutionist, Fare thee well, till we meet again. Your smiles and revolutionary speeches will remain a course in pursuit for the Multimedia University of Kenya Family and Comrades at large.

The memories of the  killing of our Secretary General in Meru Univesity is Mr Evans Njoroge alias Kidero are still fresh in our minds .

Do not forget the on going lecturers strike that we don't know when it will come to an end.

#RipGeneral   #YusufKiprono #EndLecturersStrike                    Yusuf Kiprono Secretary General Multimedia University of Kenya

By Hussein Ndeda and Jack Fundi


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