Thursday, 12 April 2018

Disaster In Waiting Part Two

The construction of this bridge was the best idea and a remaining mark for the famous Nusu Mkate government to the residents of Korogocho and Dandora.

"I came in office in 2008 and I was pleased with the construction of these bridge in 2010" said the village elder Mr Peter Mburu Kinuthia.

The bridge completely reduced the number of deaths that occurred during the crossing river Nairobi.The residents used to cross the river by walking in top of a water pipe next to the bridge.

Talking a walk on on the bridge Mr Mburu showed us the devastating state of the bridge that serves almost  10000 people in Korogocho and its environs.

Those who want to visit Tumaini hospital use this bridge,the students,pupils and other citizens also use this bridge in their daily activities.

"This bridge has not served the residents for ten years and its breaking"continued Mr Mburu.

The bridge is under the county government of Nairobi.

"The administration is aware of the state of these bridge that is the area Chief Nyabuto Omache and  Ward Manager Mr Karanja have been here and they saw the situation" said Mr Mburu.

However I thank the government for improving the roads in Korogocho and not forgetting the street lights but they should do something about this bridge.

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By Jack Fundi.

Korogocho Bridge

Mr Mburu showing the devastating state of the bridge

Korogocho Bridge

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