Thursday, 26 April 2018

Encounter PART ONE

By JaJa

Off Outering Highway, Kiamaiko Stage.

"Oyaa...30 bob...Gikomba 30 bob boss yangu" the tout shouted.The Matatu ready to depart for the famous Gikomba Market in Nairobi.(Gikomba fire zimekua mob)Kimoda the tout starts collecting the fare ten minutes after we boarded and left the stage.

The name Kimoda to an ordinary ghetto kid in Korogocho or any slum and a DJ Afro Amigos fan means  an energetic and muscular man ready for war.

Finally I had a chance to watch Black Panther DJ Afro version."Nipee change yangu" said a smartly dressed lady.

"Mpee change yake makanga tunawajua" added the lady seated next to her.

"Simpii,unauliza kama nani" angrily replied Kimoda.The argument was cut shot by the entry of another passenger."Gari hadi Gikomba Ni 30 bob!!" shouted Kimoda with a cigarette massaging his lips.The new passenger nodded his head and took the empty seat next to him.

"Wewe kwani humpi huyu change yake?" continued the second lady.

"Unataka nikujibu mara ngapi simpi enda ukaambie SKY" replied Kimoda.

Look for Part Two......

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