Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Encounter Part Two

By JaJa

Even after the hand-cheque sorry handshake I thought politics should be set aside and focus on nation building.

"Tropical,Fresh,PK" a hawker.Kimoda bought two Tropical sweets and gave one to the first lady as he handed in her change too.Few minutes later we were all at Gikomba market.Everyone was scrambling to reach the door.This reminded me of the scramble and partition of Africa.This topic was taught in which class?Class seven right ?Yes class seven.The old 8.4.4 system.

"Take this cheque to the bank and cash it for her" said the voice of a lady in her early 40's.20 years ago she was the melanin princess of her time."I was given the cheque today so cash it.You know I cant go to the bank.Do it for me" continued the lady.

Hope the organization will continue to support her daughter's higher education studies.The lady left.Early the folowing day.10 am I was ready to leave to the bank which is a 30 minutes walk from the heartbeat of Korogocho.(Chocholate City)

The female security cleared us at the main entrance of the bank.You expected me to go to the bank alone to cash in a cheque for the first time?No I don't do things that way.

"Leo ni tarehe ngapi" I asked him.

"Mmmm aki sijui" my friend replied.I turned around and signaled one of the ladies at the reception to come and help us.

"Unaeza tusaidia kujaza hii cheque" my friend asked.

"Eh...." she replied as she took the cheque close to her.After following her instructions the cheque was ready for the second step."Mkimaliza mpeleke Counter 11" completed the lady.MY friend's face was shinning....He is preparing to join a tertiary institution to study a business course.The problem is that he has not yet decided which field in Business.

At Counter 11.I always wondered why finance departments in organizations are headed and dominated by women.

Look for Part Three.......

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