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Philista Oreyo Ochuodho famously known as Mama Sureeh arrived in Highridge Korogocho in the late 70s. When she arrived she had no permanent home so she was hosted by a female friend.

Talking to the family members at their current home her sister Mrs Angeline Odal describes Mama Sureeh as the one who took care of them after their parents had died. " My sister took over as the head of our family and fitted well in our parents shoes" narrated Mrs Odal. Mr Charles Ouma who is the brother to our heroine said that her death was another loss to them since the one who was like their parent had gone.

" I wish mum could stay for long see her great and grandchildren grow", said her daughter Nancy. Mum used to support me in anything  I do. Even now that am married she used to tell me that I should be strong because life is not an easy road. As tears rolled her cheeks Nancy remembers her mum last words that they should remain one even in her absence.

Her last daughter Joan Anyango lacked the words to describe her gone mum. " She told me that I should name my newborn daughter after her only few days later she leaves us" continued Ms Anyango. Mum always believed that education was the only way one could use it to rise up.

Mrs Teresia Akinyi who vividly remembers how and when Mama Sureeh arrived in Korogocho slums. She was my personal friend and a sister that I never had. "When I had problems Mama Sureeh was always on my side till we got the solution to that problem" said the weak Mrs Akinyi who is almost crying. I still don't believe that you are gone.

One could ask why this woman is a heroine. Talking to a good number of the youths who never wanted to be mentioned said that Mama Sureeh was a mother to them. "Police could arrest us Mama Sureeh could follow us to the police station to find out why we have been arrested" said one of the boys.

For those of you who know the bridge that connects Korogocho(High ridge) and Dandora this woman ensured those using this bridge crossed safely without their belongings and their well being interfered
with. She was against crime in her area.

The residents are asking the administration  in Korogocho  to rename the Tumaini Road to Mama Sureeh  Road to honour the fallen heroine. Mama Sureeh will be laid to rest later this weekend in Boro, Siaya County. Rest In Peace Mama Vijana.
                                                     Pilister Oreyo aka Mama Sureeh

                                              Family members

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